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Membership Criteria 

Come join the Montford Point Marine Association, Inc family. Membership in the Association is open to veterans and active members of all branches of the U. S. Armed Forces regardless of race, creed, or national origin, however the following two criteria’s must be met.

  • Honorably served in the Armed forces of the United States at least 90 days on active duty 
  • Received an honorable discharged at the time of separation.

Membership Types and Fees
There are two types of membership, a life member or an annual member. Lifetime membership fees are based on age. 

The current fees are as follows:

Lifetime fees are as follows: 


29 and below - $500.00

30-39           - $475.00

40-59           - $400.00

60 and above - $350.00

Life membership fees can be paid in a one-time payment, or in installments covering a two-year period with an initial deposit of $100.00. 

The second type of membership is an annual member. Annual membership expires on 30 September each year with a 30 day grace period for renewal. Annual membership fee consists of a $25.00 payment to National as well as a local chapter fee. The local chapter membership fee varies for each chapter; 
San Diego Chapter 12’s annual fee is *$25.00.

To sign up, please fill out the membership application and follow the instructions on the form to complete the process.

See the Official Montford Point Marine Association Uniform Requirements.

The membership application with a check or money order made out to “MPMA Chapter 12” should be sent to:

Montford Point Marine Association, Chapter 12, 
P. O. Box 84572, San Diego, CA 92138-4572

For any questions, please contact the webmaster